Angels-Dreiburgen Border Clash 1988

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Location: Dreiburgen
Date: 07/02-03/1988

Event Staff

Autocrat - Stromburg Blackrune

From the Crown Prints

NEWS FLASH!!!!! According to sources, the Cantonial Levy of Canyons had crossed through Heatherwyne to attack a border force of Dreiburgen. When the Cantonial Levy sifted through the carnage it appeared that the Baronial forces of Dreiburgen were massed to attack Heatherwyne. Noting the continual friction over border disputes, this reporter is not surprised!

The Captain of the Cantonial Levy received news concerning the impending invasion through his own troops of scouts. Being unable to contact the troops of he Shire, and being in an informal alliance with the Shire, the Captain, faithful to his Baroness’s alliances, under his Own Authority decided to attack the Obvious aggressors.

It seems that Baron Leo has denied such allegations and has called for the rest of his troops to punish the Barony of the Angels for its rash attack upon his “civilian population”!

Her Majesty Dashive, Queen of Caid. And Baroness Alinor of Angels were informed of the attack a day after the incident. The Baroness Asked Her Majesty for Advice on What to do and was told that the Baroness would be “Trusted to do the correct thing”. So apparemtaly the king’s forces are going to stay out of the fray. (Or are they?!)

The baroness was surprised when informed of the attack, but did seem to support the action taken by her officer. Therefor, it is inevitable that there will be a clash between the Barony of Angels and the Barony of Dreiburgen starting on the 2nd day of July and lasting through the 4th day of July of this year. (Starting at 8:00 a.m., encampments may set up on the 1st.)

News article written by the neutral Lord Stromburg Blackrune Captain of the Cantonial Levy


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