Alaric Wulfgar of Amberwood

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Alaric wulfgar.jpg
Alaric Wulfgar of Amberwood, circa 1984, at the Village Artisan's Medieval Faire
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: An Tir
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per pale sable and argent, two spears in saltire surmounted by a wolf's head cabossed within a bordure embattled, all counterchanged.
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Lord Alaric Wulfgar of Amberwood was admitted to the Order of the Dolphin on 12/07/1985 by TRM Glyn and Tressa at the Darkwell (Shire) Below the Salt event

Alaric Wulfgar of Amberwood previously resided within the Shire of Perilous Visions, Kingdom of the West, and then sojourned in Ansteorra and later still in the Barony of Drachenwald, Kingdom of the East; then moved to the future Shire of Darkwell upon returning from military service at the beginning of A.S. XV.

Alaric and his wife, Lady Aislynn of Amberwood, met in the summer of A.S. XVI (1981 c.e.) through mutual friends who were working to establish a local SCA branch, and were wed in December, A.S. XVI. They remained active in the Shire of Darkwell, along with their daughters, until leaving Caid for the wilds of An Tir in A.S. XXII. For many reasons, participation within the Society ended following this move; however, in September A.S. XL, the Household rejoined the Society, with the intent of becoming active in the Canton of Porte de L'Eau, Barony of Madrone, Kingdom of An Tir.


Alaric Wulfgar was born about 1040 c.e. in the Northman settlement in France. His parents came to England as part of the entourage of Ralph the Timid, not long after his birth. They held lands in Herefordshire until 1055 when Gruffydd ap Llywelyn invaded and defeated the forces led by the Earl of Hereford.

Offices and Positions

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Nota bene ~ as of the December 2016 LoAR, this name is now an alternate for Lady Renée du bois d'Ambre, and the associated armory is retained as a badge.