4th Renaissance Dinner at Caltech

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Renaissance Dinner at Caltech
Location: Angels
Caltech, Pasadena
Date: 04/22/1987

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints


On a chilly April evening, the Athenaeum at Caltech gave its fourth Renaissance Dinner, and subjects of Caid were there. Duchess Natalya de Foix led a contingent of entertainers into the Athenaeum courtyard, where Lord Goldwyn of Britain announced three court dances and three country dances for the company's pleasure. The Merrymakers of Gyldenholt play for Baron Alewaulfe the Red, Mistress Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg, the lady Branwen, Craig Bateman, Master Duryn the Red, Mistress Lavendar of Lorne, and Stephen and Pamela Walton.

The guests then processed into the banquet hall behind the Duchess and her companions. There they feasted on a two-course menu which included duck, beef, brie tart, and amaretto strawberries, among other items. Between-course entertainment began with two songs sung by Duchess Natalya. The three pieces by the Merrymakers were well-received, and some hasty catches were sung by some of the Caltech Chamber Singers.

Lord Goldwyn shepherded the guests into the neighboring room, where scenes by Shakespeare and Maxwell Anderson were performed. Mistress Lavendar, the ladies Branwen and Pamela, and Lisa Bogue appeared in Much Ado About Nothing, and Lord Goldwyn, Master Duryn, Craig Bateman and David Hills joined the ladies for Elizabeth the Queen. These glimpses of aristocratic private life elicited hoots and chuckles from the audience, who then turned their attention to the Caltech Chamber Singers, who sang Tutto Lo Di, Je Ne l'Ose Dire, Hark All Ye Lovely Saints Above, and topped off their international vocal tour with the exceptionally difficult Les Oiseaux by Janequin.

The Athenaeum, with its impeccable food and service--not to mention its atmosphere decor, provided a memorable evening for all who attended or performed. Major credit goes to Abel Ramirez, Roberto Hernandez and Betty Nickerson of that institution. Many thanks are extended to Countess Ilaria Veltri degli Ansari, Jessica of Durynheim, Lord Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux, Lord Goldwyn, Lisa Bogue, Master Duryn, Mistress Huette, Stephen and Pamela Walton, and Branwen for the props and costumes. Special thanks are due to Master Ambros Celidonis for arranging the music under difficult circumstances, and to Bridget Landry, who provided the autocrat's costume! The contributions of these generous folk resulted in a donation of $150.00 to the Kingdom, and a similar increase in the Merrymakers' exchequer. No one could be more appreciative than the director of the scenes, and general autocrat.

Lavendar of Lorne


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