1st Baronial Expedition 1973

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Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Date: Feb 24, AS VII (1973)

Event Staff

  • Autocrat: The Incomparable Giacomo1


The Barony of the Angels' 1st Baronial Expedition gathered at the home of The Incomparable Giacomo. The group traveled to Joshua Tree National Park and then to Hadley Fruit Orchards, which specializes in dried fruit and nuts, for a picnic lunch.

Event Description From: The Page (March, 1973)

On Saturday, February 24, the Barony of the Angels will embark upon the First Baronial Expedition. The purpose of this expedition is further to explore His Excellency's land holdings to the east and to engage in the good fellowship and merriment of the Current Middle Ages. The destination of the Expedition is Joshua Tree National Park and Hadley's, a remarkable emporium specializing in dried fruit, nuts, james and hellies, and fine local wines. If thy mouth watereth at the tought of any of these delicacies, bring with thee the coin of the realm. This is an all-day activity, with participants requested to bring a picnic lunch for everyone in their party. Field medieval attire is required (no delicate silks and velvets, please, as this is rugged high desert country), and warm cloaks are advisable; it's apt to be cold and windy in February.

Staging for this expedition will take place at the home of the Incomparable Giacomo and Katheryn Stuart of Moray (address, directions omitted). RSVP with one of the area hot lines or the Goldins, so we'll know to wait for you. But the caravan leaves promptly at 0900, so try to be on time. If in doubt about the weather on the day in question, call the Goldins at (phone omitted). Participants residing in or near the Canton of Gorgonoth (Riverside), call the Gorgonoth Seneschal for information on staging in that area. The central Barony caravan will rendezvous with the Gorgonoth contingent on the way to the park.


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1 Known as "The Incomparable Giacomo," among other names, he never registered a formal SCA name.


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