Willen de Creke

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Willen Cræk at Insandity Tourney 2009
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Calafia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Lord Willen Cræk is Bosun for Horizon's End. Willen is on the Baronial Guard for Oliver and Kate, and is Second-in-Command for the Steel Brigade. He is a former Defender of the Iron Crescent.


As announced by Edborough(sp?)and winning him the Heraldry Tournament, and written by Isabeau d'Aquitaine (information on the name and time frame of the tournamnet has slipped our minds, we welcome any update)

"M'Lords and Ladies, Pray attend!!! From the lands of far away, hailing from the Chateau de Nuit, former lord of the Crooked Path, defender of Horizon's End, ex-Charger girl, and aspiring team mascot, may I direct your attention to the exceptionally and exquisity dressed Lord Willen, "The Badger" Doofad. Having lost his parents in a tragic moose related accident, young Willen, then known as "The Begger" was left to be raised by a flock of wild rubber duckies in the terrible Bog of Bubble Bath. The heart of a mighty warrior beat somewhere deep within young Willen, and he felt the need to sacrifice many, many peeps to entice the gods of the Bonfire to help him on his quest. Said quest led him to fight against the mighty badgers of Johan the Giant, against whom he was victorious, earning him the name of "The Badger". He has slain dragons and ferociou beasts; he has survived the guantlet of whip bearing maidens;he has conquered mighty foes and brought great honor to his Kingdom and Barony. May I have the honor of presenting to you the man- nay the myth, no indeed THE LEGEND: LORD WILLEN,"THE BADGER" DOOFAD!!!! "

Offices & Positions

  • Second in Command, Steel Brigade

Event Staff

  • Rapier Co-Autocrat, Potrero War May 2009
  • Rapier Autocrat, Potrero May War 2008
  • Rapier Autocrat, Potrero Septemeber War 2007


Other people's memories of the individual

From Seraphina Lilje

  • Willen's ok.