Horizon's End

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Horizon's End
Status: Active
Horizon's End

We are the crew of a simulated 15thC ship, Horizon's End, involved in the combat forms and Arts & Sciences of the Medieval through Renaissance periods, particularly relating to the ships and ambiance of the Great Age of Exploration (13th-15th C). We endeavor to represent our sea-going background in our terminology, titles, activites, and to simulate our ship's deck when camping at events.

We play under the auspices of the Society for Creative Anachronim (SCA), a Medieval & Renaissance living history society. Our homeport is the Docks of the Barony of Calafia (San Diego), Kingdom of Caid (California).

The ship Horizon's End is styled after a 15th century 3-masted ship during the Age of Exploration. Commissioned by Prince Henry the Navigator and chartered to find the fabled lands of Prestor John, we were instructed to sail as far and as long as it might take, even unto the Horizon's End.

There's no physical ship, but if the Horizon's End were afloat, she'd be a full-rigged ship, with square-rigged fore- and main-masts and a lateen mizzen-mast, and a crew of about 18.

While Calafia may not be the Utopia of Prestor John, it was paradise after sailing around aimlessly for months. And it met quite a few criteria for being a fabled land. The sun almost always is shining ('cept at night). The people are almost always happy and friendly. It is indeed 'beyond the horizon', leastways from Portugal it is. And after a couple cervezas and shrimp tacos, we weren't about to go back..


The Captain



Petty Officers

  • m'Ld Jim, Bursar
  • Gnomey d'Gnome, Mascot
  • m'Ld Jay,Bosun, Ret'd
  • m'Ld Mattheus, Alchemist, Ret'd



  • m'Ldy Lizzie, Powder Monkey

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