West Kingdom Fall Crown Tourney 1975

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(published in the November-December 1975 "Fantastically Illegal Communique" of Caid Principality)

It is hard to believe that a month before we were all dying of heat prostration at Purgatorio. Crown Tourney was COLD; sunny but cold. Southerns who braved the crisp weathe were: Lord John ap Griffin & Lady Bjo of Griffin, Baroness Jessica Llyrindi of Northmarch, Robear du Bois, Martin the Temperate, Rupert Fairchilde MacChlurain, Morven of Carrick, Lady Janay d'Aquitaine, Lady Eyana bat David & Fiona MacGregor.

At Opening Court, Rondal Negra Khan & Mouice Negra (Muis the Insane) were given Awards of Arms. Around 2PM the Crown Lists began with 29 fighters participating. The 2 finalists were Duke James Greyhelm & Count Sir William of Hoghton. After a lengthy 2-out-of-three fight, Count William defeated Duke James to become the new King of the West. He & Countess Donna will be crowned at Northern Twelfth Night.

A short court was held after the Lists; Rand of Dunbar (Rieslingshire) was knighted & William & Donna given their laurel wreaths. A Crown Potluck took place with some very elegant smells emanating from the large table placed in the middle of the field. Immediately after dinner there was a meeting of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. A bardic circle was held later with some notable performances. His Majesty regales us with a stirring rendition of "Three Jolly Coachmen" & Sir William Gordon of York delighted all with an amazing repertoire of Scottish & Irish ballads. Martin the Temperate, Rupert Fairchilde MacChlurain & Morven of Carrick trio'd on several Tom Leher songs & Martin sang the "Dukes' Song" with the newest verse for Duke Andrew of Riga added.

The cold night passed (suddenly Purgatorio didn't seem so bad!) It was so cold even the bugs went underground! After breakfast the fighting began again. The highlight of the afternoon was an amazing singing challenge from the Prince of An Tir to Duke Henrik, based on "Jesus Christ Superstar"--you had to be there to believe it! (Henrik defeated him anyway.) A holmgang was held after the challenges.

At Closing Court, Martin the Temperate won the Queen's Handkissing Contest & got to remove his award (her garter) from the appropriate place. He was also made the new Captain of the Queen's Guard. Lady Frances of Dragonsforge received her Award of Arms; Fiona MacGregor was awarded the Queen's Order of Grace (Q.O.G.); Lady Bjo of Griffin received both a Laurel & a Pelican; & Morven of Carrick was knighted.

In all it was a busy two days & we were all glad that we'd made the long drive North. . .

For more information about this event: http://history.westkingdom.org/Year10/OctoberCrown.htm