War with the West 1979

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West Caid 79c- Lasairfhiona.jpg
Open Field Battle
Location: Rieslingshire
Date: May 5-6, 1979


From the Crown Prints

War and the Arts

On May 5 There will be a war between the Kingdoms of Caid and the West, in Rieslingshire.

Two major arts events will coincide with the display of arms. The first will be an arts competition, with war-supportive themes. Information on subjects, rules, etc., are available through your Art and Sciences officers. War points will be awarded in these competitions. We need Caid’s support if we are to win this war against the West.

There will also be a bazaar! Those interested in selling items should contact Duchess Lorna of Leeds. Riesling will be auctioning off fine bottle of 1926 Cognac at the war, and will be happy to see you in the shire on 5 May.

Jalar of Escarp
Mistress of Arts, Rieslingshire


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