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Founded: May Potrero 2007
Status: Active/Will Fight for Food

The "soldaten" (soldiers) of Todeskorps are fighters of French, German, Swiss, Scottish, Greek and English backgrounds, but we welcome warriors from all lands to this "Free Company". Todeskorps is loosely based on the 15th century mercenary bands of Swiss and German origin, in the tradition of the Swiss armoured pikemen and the later "Landsknechts" of similar fame. We Share a common love of combat, and the desire to look flashy upon the field. We encourage the use of Sallets and Bascinets, and fight primarily as a skirmish unit with Pikes, Glaives, Greatswords and Crossbows. Members wear their own colors in the 15th century style, but wear an armband with the Company's badge, and one pikeman has a banner for the unit's standard. We camp together. We fight and die together. The leader of the warband is Sir Philippe, but there is no permanent field Captain; each member (once proven) gets a chance to command the unit in the field. In this way we hope to improve battlefield command experience. We are a mercenary company, hiring out to the highest bidder.

Current Members

New Members

For those of you who are new to the SCA, or just looking for a new group to fight with, we are always intrested in new friends and members. If you wish to join the Korps, we welcome you.

Please visit us at the Gyldenholt Fighter practice that takes place on Tuesday nights at around 7:00.

It is located at:

Murdy park 7000 Norma Dr. Huntington Beach, CA. 92646

We meet up by the picnic tables. You can also contact us through the information on our website. Let us get to know you and the Korps will find you a place in the line.

More Information