The Tavern of Lost Souls

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Founded: 2011
Status: Active


The Tavern of Lost Souls is a household founded by Lady Dyrfinna Drengsdottir and Lord Brynjólfr Brandsson on April 6, 2011 and its members generally reside in Gyldenholt. It was originally founded to be a place of hospitality, hosting games and refreshments at day events. The Tavern is a group made up of mostly thrown weapons, archery, and rapier folks, though the group has a variety of other interests and is welcoming to many. The Tavern enjoys making its presence known at Potrero War and Great Western War.

Its sister household is the Caravan of Wonders. The families, and children, of both households makes up the Gyldenholt group referred to as Kinderholt.


Events Attended