Caravan of Wonders

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Founded: 2007
Status: Active


"When we were planning for Great Western War 2007 and I needed to submit our tent footprints,

I listed all our members and, as a joke, signed it "Mama Sadb and her Caravan of Wonders".

Be careful what you joke."

- Sadb ingen Abner uí Lorccáin

So, what does it mean if you are part of the Caravan. First know that we are not really a traditional household. There is not a formalized membership. We may decided to change this at some time, but if you want to hang with us or camp with us, great. We don't really own stuff together, but some of us own some camping stuff that we share and we set up a communal kitchen at war. We are not trying to be elaborate or perfectly period, we are trying to do things efficiently and share the load and help everybody have fun. We camp with and support the Barony of Gyldenholt. We make it a point to be a welcoming face in the barony. If someone is camping with Gyldenholt, we want to make sure that they always feel included.

Its sister household is The Tavern of Lost Souls. The children of both households make up the Gyldenholt group referred to as Kinderholt.


We do have a few traditions, and I call them this because we know we all have bad days, and we don't want to call them rules.

  • 1. We follow the basic SCA standards of keeping our area looking nice and leaving it better than we found it.
  • 2. We support and join in the activities of our Barony as much as we are able.
  • 3. At war, each person tries to give at least 2 volunteer hours.
  • 4. We try not to complain, unless we are willing to work for a solution.
  • 5. We recognize that everyone has to whine sometimes, especially at war. Each person is allowed five minutes a day, use it wisely.