Summer Coronation 2023

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Location: San Marcos Civic Center, Main Hall, San Marcos Calafia
Date: 07/08/2023

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Good gentles of Caid, pray attend! Their Royal Majesties Aurelius Optimus and Basilissa Artemidorou welcome your presence in the Barony of Calafia for the coronation of their heirs, Their Highnesses Wilhelm Skallagrimmson and Lorissa du Griffin. To celebrate the commencement of a most historic reign, there will be pomp, circumstance, feasting, boasting, purveyors of fine medieval wares, and displays of art!

Schedule: 9:00 am Site Opens 10:00 am Final Court of Aurelius Optimus and Basilissa Artemidorou 5:00-5:30 pm Feast begins 7:30 feast ends 8:00 pm Site Closes

There will be a one-hour intermission for lunch. There are quick service restaurants within walking distance of the site, or there will be limited food available for a small donation. This Court is sure to be most entertaining, as Master Ariana verch Gwenllian has issued a Boast-Off Challenge! All the populace is invited to make a prideful proclamation during their territory's presentation at Court. Be sure to coordinate with your territorial heads, and inform the Golden Rose Herald of your boasting intentions by Thursday 7/6, so they can put you on the docket! Please refer to her post for more details.

Prefer a quieter way to prove your greatness? Sign up for our feast table decorating contest! Help us beautify our feast hall for the chance to win. Please contact the event stewards for more information. Artisans of Caid, you are encouraged to bring your latest period works of art to display for all to admire.

Feast: In honor of the Coronation of Their Royal Highness Wilhelm Skallagrimmson and Lorissa du Griffin we will take you on a grand tour of the Mediterranean. We will tempt you through the exotic markets of coastal Africa. Catch you as you swoon over the mouthwatering fare of Renaissance Italy. Elevate your pallet by visiting the banquet tables of Imperial Roman and halls of the Sultan’s palace. Join us on July 8, 2023 at the San Marcos Community Center for a feast like no other! The price is $20 per person, payment will be accepted at the gate. The Feast is limited to 100 plates. Reservations will be open until 7/5/2023. While every effort is made to provide gluten, dairy and vegetarian notices for the menu, those with food allergies, sensitivities or specific preferences are welcome to join feast with their own meal by sitting “off-board”. When completing your reservation please indicate who you wish to sit with, we will seat groups of 8 at each table.

In addition to the feast we will be featuring a table decorating contest!

Feast Menu:
Various drinks: Zesty Mint Drink - vegetarian, Mā' al-Laymūn li-al-Sharāb (Lemonade) - vegetarian, Ottoman Sherbet Drink (fruit drink) - vegetarian
Course 1: Olive Epityrum - Olive Tapenade - Cato 117 - Vegetarian, Egyptian Hummus - vegetarian, Various cheeses - vegetarian, contains dairy, Sausages, Barbari flat bread - contains gluten, Bunyols - cheese fritters - contains dairy
Course 2: Various Ways to Saute a Capon - Fried Chicken - contains gluten, Broccoli & lemon juice- vegetarian, Beef with Rice inspired by Africa
Course 3: Apician Roulades - fig and tarragon pork roulades, Pastanagat - Carrot Puree - vegetarian, Aliter Lenticulum - lentils with coriander - vegetarian, Jannâniyya (the Gardener's Dish) - Vegetable quiche - vegetarian contains gluten & dairy
Course 4: A medley of donuts from around the Mediterranean! Good Royal Rafîs - sugar donuts - contains gluten & dairy, Globuli - honey and poppy seed donuts - contains gluten & dairy, Luqam al-Qadi: Judge’s Morsels - donuts with sugar rose water syrup - contains gluten, Fresh fruit grown locally! vegetarian

EVENT REGISTRATION: Adult Event Registration $15, Adult Member Discount Registration $10, all minors are guests of the Barony. Cash or checks accepted at gate. Please make checks payable to “SCA, Inc./Barony of Calafia.”

SITE RESTRICTIONS: This is a dry site. No smoking is permitted on site. There is ample free parking in the parking structure.


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