St. Isidore Anniversary 2008

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St. Isidore Anniversary 2008.jpg
Willen de Creke and Farlin of Glenn Ord in the rapier Geriatric Tourney
Location: Calafia,

Allied Gardens Community Park

Date: 09/27/2008

Lady Sabyna of Aydon was the event Steward.


From the Crown Prints

Join the College of St. Isidore in celebrating its Second Anniversary on September 27, 2008. There will be Rapier and Armored Combat.

The William the Marshal Tournament has some fun and games for both sides. Please bring a consort to keep track of your lives, and donations for extra lives. Rapier fighters are asked to join us for our Geriatric tourney (bring something resembling a cane as a secondary). Armored Combatants, be prepared for a boar hunt (bring Spears!).

There is no site fee, but any donations to the college will be accepted in both the form of cash and check. Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc./ College of St Isidore

There will be a Lunch Basket Auction; if you would like to participate, please make a lunch and decorate a basket. This is a DRY Event, and we ask that pavilions stay under 10x20 so as to keep the site fee at FREE


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