St. Geronimus Tournament 2008

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The Nose Melee
Location: Bordwell Park in Riverside
Date: 03/02/2008

In 1997 Pagus Sancti Geronimi was granted the right run the tournament as their Anniversary. This 2008 Saint Geronimus Tournament was the last one that Sancti Geronimi ran as their Anniversary and The Saint Geronimus Tournament returned to Dreiburgen at large.

Event Staff

Autocrat – Madelene Popejoy de Saint Michele

From the Crown Prints

Pagus Sancti Geronimi Anniversary

March 2, 2008

This year we will be hosting heavy weapons and rapier combats as well as having our traditional games with the exception that we are not seeking new relics of our patron saint but instead requesting our fair populace to help us in recalling the miraculous stories and accounts which have been lost or separated from following relics currently in our reliquary:

  • The vial of hair
  • Empty vial
  • Statue
  • Carved anti-nose stone
  • Ear
  • Finger
  • Shards

Written copies are most welcome as well as all who are willing to have their accounts recorded. All gracious participants shall be rewarded. This site dose not permit merchants through “Stop & Swap” is allowed.

Schedule for the Day

  • 8:00am Site Opens
  • 10:00am Opening Court
  • 4:00pm Closing Court
  • 5:00pm Site closes

Awards Given

Illuminated Tower of Dreiburgen – Elyn de Hauocmore



Add photos if we have them

DroppingBigBlueSG2008.jpg DroppingBigBlueSG2008a.jpg
When the wind exceded 75 miles per hour Big Blue had to be taken down.
Notice the number of people stretched out or kneeling on the roof to keep it steady during folding, yet not a single shoe or boot comes in contact with the roof

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