Spring Tournament Dreiburgen 2006

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Location: Hunt Park in Riverside
Date: 04/29/2006

Starting in 1996 the then incipient canton of Mons Draconis was granted the right to use Dreiburgen Spring Tournament as their anniversary

Event Staff

Autocrat – Juliana Romfare of Leichestre


From the Crown Prints

Dreiburgen Spring Tourney / Mons Draconis Anniversary

April 29, 2006

Come join the Canton of Mons Draconis in our annual War of the Roses Spring Tourney April 29th at Hunt Park in Riverside.

There will be the traditional Rose Melee as well as the tourney fights for the Champion of Mons Draconis and the Dragon Slayer of Gorgonoth award from the Baron’s hand. There will be gentler pursuits as well. Contests for best editable representation of a rose, best use of a roses,/rose motifs in any media as well as some on site contests such as embroidery and War of the Roses history quiz. Come and show your knowledge and expertise, as well as try your skill at arms in Dreiburgen Spring tourney.

Schedule for the day

  • 8:00 am – Site opens
  • 6:00 pm – Site closes

Mons Draconis Anniversary 2006 Plague Rat Poem Contest Winner

Ode to the Plague Rat by Qara Unegen

Plauge Rat Plague Rat
Where do you Go?
When your fur is so Filthy,
And you scamper through the Snow.

I travel to the City,
In the darkest of the Night.
I carry death and Sickness,
Setting humans to Fright.

Plague Rat Plague Rat
Why do you Scare?
Making women dance and Scream,
To dance upon Chairs.

I am evil Incarnate,
They run from just My Name.
For the Plague Rat keeps on Comming.
Claiming notorious Fame.

Plague Rat Plague Rat!
Death has had enough of You!
So go to your just rewards...

  • THWACK!!!*



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