Spring Tournament Dreiburgen 1987

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Location: Mojave Narrows Regional Park
Date: 05/16/1987

Event Staff


There were approximately 130 people in attendance of that there were 20 fighters in the heavy weapons lists of which six were knights, no shinai lists were held.

From the Crown Prints

Spring Tournament May 16

Attention all ye gentlefolk of the Kingdom: Come and join with us to celebrate the "Lusty Month of May" Spring Tourney. This year's tourney will be held at Mojave Narrows Park in Victorville (in Dreiburgen). It is a nice secluded site, which boasts a well-stocked lake, overnight camping, and Equestrian facilities. The prize for the heavy weapons list will be A PREMIUM QUALITY KIRBY BROADSWORD. Other contests include a Shinai list, Archery competition, and Favors contest, to name a few. More information will be forthcoming in the CP. All those who wish to sponsor a contest, or if there any questions or suggestions, please contact the autocrats.

The Barony of Dreiburgen Annual Spring Tourney will be held Mat 16, A.S. XXI (1987) at Mojave Narrows Regional Park, Victorville. Attention All Ye Gentlefolk of the Kingdom!! Come and join us in celabrating the “Lusty Month of May”. The site is secluded and boasts two well-stocked lakes, over night camping, and equestrian facilities.

A PREMIUM QUALITY KIRBY BROADSWORD is the prize for the Heavy Weapons lists. The site fee with proof of SCA membership is $2.00; non-members $3.00. The site is WET and merchants are welcome. Numerous on-site contest, including a shinai lists, will occur. Anyone wishing to sponsor a contest should contact the autocrats prior to the event.

Saturday night camping is included in the site fee, but not, alas, the fishing fee. The park is well-maintained and has modern facilities. However, the site itself is semi-primitive, so that drinking water containers are highly suggested. Portable privies andnon-potable water (including an Artesian well, flush facilities, and showers are a 5-10 walk from the site. The park has a small snack bar with limited offerings and hours.


  • 9:00am list Open
  • 10:00am Opening Court
  • 11:00am Fighting Begins
  • 1:00pm Shinai Lists
  • 4:00pm Closing Court


Heavy Weapons lists.


  • Leave your memories here.

From Baron Malcolm Alberic:

This event was an example of why the tourney prize should not be too valuable. Yes a great prize can be a good draw however, after this event there was a lot of talk about Rhino Hiding and unchivalrous behavior on the field. It seemed that too many fighters wanted the prize too badly. I will not go in to details or name names but this problem was noted in the Second Quarter marshals report as “A major dispute” the matter was discussed with marshal in charge, principles involved and the knights in attendance, no consensus was reached. Two knights withdrew from the lists. I would also like to point out that none of these accusations or complaints were made against the winner of the tournament. Sir Armand de Sevigny


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