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Great Seal v1-matrix.png
The first Great Seal
Status: Serviceable
Artist(s): Various

Awards granted by the Crown may be sealed with the Great Seal of Caid. Those awards that include the arms of the recipient will also receive the seal of Crescent Principal Herald.

In the history of Caid, there have been three sets of seal matrices employed. These are in the keeping of the Scribe Armarius.

When sealing, a dollop of hot sealing wax is poured on the paper. The seal matrix is then pressed into the hot wax and held for a time while the wax cools and the impression solidifies. The original seals and Brownwell seals work best when chilled for a short time in a freezer or kept on ice to speed up cooling the wax. All the seals work better when used over a slab of marble.

First Seals (Ancient)

First Kingdom Seals

The first Great Seal of Caid was produced using a lost-wax technique by Lord Auberon Cirin. Great Seal text reads "SIGILUM MAGNUM REGNIS CAIDIS - ASXII 1978CE" (the date refers to the date of the First Coronation Festival)

Crescent's seal predates the seal design registered by the Kingdom for that use. The "Crescent+Herald" design was drawn up by Eowyn Amberdrake. Upon approval by Crescent Conrad von Regensburg, she had the stamp produced by a local rubber stamp manufacturer, instructing them to sell her the pot metal mold, rather than a rubber impression from it.

Second Seals (de Barri)

Second Kingdom Seals

The second Crescent Principal Herald's seal was designed by Master Jasper Greensmith of the Seagirt Glen,and features the crossed heraldic trumpets, embattled bordure, and crescents found in the heraldic badge of the Crescent Principal Herald. The second Great Seal of Caid was designed by Baron Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme. The second set of seals are of particularly fine workmanship, and the handles themselves are works of art. The great seal features a sealion and the herald's seal features a dolphin, sculpted by Megan de Barri. They were cast by Sir Thurstan de Barri in brass or bronze using a lost wax technique. This set of seals is still in use, when requested by the scribe.

The Great seal text reads: "SIGILLUM MAGNUM REGNIS CAIDIS" and "AS XIII". The seal design used for the second and subsequent herald's seal was designed by Lord Jasper Greensmith of the Seagirt Glen.

Third Seals (Brownwell)

Third Kingdom Seals

The size of the second set of seals required a large space on each scroll to place the seal or seals. This tended only to work well on large format scrolls. Current practice encourages using smaller sheets of paper or parchment. Therefore, a smaller set of seal matrices was created by Master Thomas Brownwell in 2014, using traditional engraving techniques, which produce a crisp and precise design.

The "Minor" seal reads: "SIGNVM MINOR REGIS CAIDIS"

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