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The Caidan Roses 2nd annual Rose Tournament was held on Sunday, 10/04/2015, at Great Western War 2009.

On Thursday October 1, 2009, days before the event, Duchess Kolfinna kottr passed away from the terrible H1N1 pandemic, and thus the event took on an additional solemnity as it was fought in her honor and called "The Valkyrie Rose Tournament."

Viscountess Lorissa du Griffin and Griffin Freehold provided refreshments for the events. Ladies of the Rose wore orange silk scarves to honor the memory of Duchess Kolfinna.

The White Scarf Tournament was won by Don Colwyn Stagghorn, with Don Blayde of the West Kingdom the other finalist. (Each White Scarf selected two non-scarved fighters to fight for them)

Published Announcement

(Note: This announcement was published prior to October 2009)

  • Sunday, October 11, 2009, 2-3 PM
  • Caidan Rose Tournament, Armored Combat Tournament Field

The Caidan Order of the Rose will be sponsoring our annual Tournament at Great Western War XII for both Armored Combat and Rapier fighters. To fight in this tournament the participant must be sponsored by a Lady of the Rose who will be attending the tournament. A Lady of the Rose may sponsor one unbelted armored fighter, one belted armored fighter, one white scarf rapier fighter and one non-white scarf rapier fighter. This tournament will be fought in double-elimination format. For more information please contact Duchess Faizeh or Duchess Kolfinna at

Armored Combat Lists

Rapier Lists

Participating Ladies of the Rose & Their Fighters

Each Lady of the Rose may sponsor one one Knight, one unbelted Armored Combat fighter, one White Scarf rapier fighter and one non-White Scarf rapier fighter. Her Majesty and Her Highness may vary from this pattern as needed.

Rose Knight Unbelted Armor Don Rapier Fighter
HRM Mora de Buchanan
HRH Kara the Twin of Kelton

Valkyrie Rose Tournament

Results from the Valkyrie Rose Tournaments

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