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From the Crown Prints

The pounding hooves, the neighing of charging horses as they propel their riders toward each other, lances lower and….

These are some of the images and sounds people first think of when you mention a medieval tournament. We in the Current Middle Ages don’t often get to experience this when we go to our tournaments. Join the Barony of Altavia in honoring Her Majesty, Faizah, in Her Queen’s Equestrian Tournament and enjoy these evocative images and other feats on horseback on Sunday, November 19, 2006.

Her Majesty has expressed a desire for a Middle Eastern themed Queen's Equestrian Champion Tourney. So, if you can, dress yourself and your horse in your finest Middle Eastern garb, and we'll make this a glorious day for Queen Faizah!

It will be a day full of equestrian games and challenges for the riders, chosen by Her Majesty. The day will culminate with the selection of Her Majesty's Equestrian Champion from those riders competing at the advanced and intermediate levels. Beginners and young riders are also welcome – special competition categories will be created depending on the authorization levels. Additionally, we will have equestrian related activities for children.


Rental mounts will be available: you must call or email the event equestrian coordinator in advance to reserve and for more information.

This event will be cancelled ONLY on account of dire weather (horses like a light rain!) - if any doubt exists, please contact the event steward for confirmation.

Schedule for the Day

7AM Site opens 8AM Lists and Gate open 8AM-10AM Horse/Rider Warm-up and Authorizations 10AM-11AM Games 11AM Altavia Baronial Court 12:30PM Mounted Procession with Royal Welcome - Tournament to follow 4PM Royal Closing Court (or at Her Majesty’s discretion) 5PM Site Closes

Event Business

Site Fees: $5 for adult member, $8 for adult non-member, $3 per child 4-12 years, children 3 years and under are guests of the Barony. Please make checks payable to “SCA, Inc/Barony of Altavia.”

Merchants are welcome; however the city of Los Angeles requires that each merchant pay them $100. Should any merchant be interested, please contact the event steward.

Gabrieleno Park 11130 Orcas Avenue Lakeview Terrace, ca, 91342

Event Stewards: Lady Ysoude de Rochester and Doña Arabella da Siena

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