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Members of the Order of the Pelican may choose to swear fealty, but are not required to do so. The candidate must have attained the standard of service to the Society or any of its branches equal to that of his or her prospective peers, which is above and beyond that normally expected of members of the Society. The Order of the Pelican is a Patent Order, and carries with it a Patent of Arms (See Award Types).

The duties of the members of the order are as follows:

  • To set an example of courtesy and chivalrous conduct.
  • To respect the Crown of the kingdom; to support and uphold the Laws of the kingdom and Corpora.
  • If in fealty, to support and uphold the Crown of his or her kingdom.
  • To enrich the kingdom by sharing his or her knowledge and skills.
  • To advise the Crown on the advancement of candidates for the Pelican.


Here "Pelicans" refers to all Companions of the Order of the Pelican in Caid - They may be formally referred to as Masters and Mistresses of the Pelican.

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