May Arts Tourney 1978

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Location: Calafia
Balboa Park
Date: 05/6 & 7/1978

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Event Staff

Autocrat – Tryggvi Halftrollson

From the Crown Prints

May Arts Tourney

On May 6 & 7, Calafia will host is annual May Day Arts Tourney at Balboa Park, Lord Tryggvi Halftrollson has arranged for the Dashing Danes Who preformed at Lief Eriksson Day to entertain again.

There will be a box lunch auction, wherein the highest bidder will have a marvelous lunch & the company of the person who prepared it, During the meal. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO BRING A SPECIAL LUNCH FOR THE AUCTION! Last year Mistress Louise of Woodsholme outclassed everyone by serving the bidder of her lunch on golden plates with lighted candles, already! Males as well as females are invited to participate in this edible entertainment!

There will also be a Kiss Auction (so do bring $$) The money will go to Calafian Arts.

Contest planed so far


Mistress Louise of Woodsholme will sponsor:
1) Book plate Design
2) Recruitment Poster for the SCA
3) Shoe-making contest; judged on design, durability, & workmanship

Audrey McAlise Roseindale will sponsor:
4) A fan-making contest

Elinor Windemere will sponsor:
5) An Embroidered favor contest

Giesela Hildegaard will sponsor:
6) Bread baking; judged on best authenticated medieval or renaissance recipe from yeast (not a fast-dough recipe) & most unusual recipe.
7) Most elaborate decorated corset.,br>

Bjo of Griffin will sponsor:
9) List page device & tabard (or any other wearable outfit for children runners between List Table & Field Herald). CHILDREN ENCOURAGED TO ENTER! Special prizes for winners under 14!
10) Continuation of of CAID Crown Contest
11) Medic Device utilizing red cross in design

Griffin Freehold will sponsor:
12) Throne design: something easly broken down for travel to events, comfortable & impressive
13) device or design for banner to indicate a place to go information; a “welcome” sign

The Crown Prints staff will sponsor:
14) a device for The Crown Prints to use for masthead & stationery ion the future

(NOTE: Crown regalia designs will be judged by as many peers as possible: rather than rush to get all items done by our first crown, it would be better to have some well-done items for all future events! See Mistress Gabrielle’s remarks anent regalia in coronation article , this issue).



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