Lyondemere Anniversary 2015

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Lyondemere Ann 2015-01.JPG
Opening court
Location: LocationLyondemere
Veteran’s Park
Culver City, CA
Date: 07/11/2015

Lyondemere Anniversary in Culver City. His Majesty, Athanric was in attendance.

Event Staff

Event Stewards: THL Mealla Caimbeul, THLord Diego Antonio de Palma


  • Claudia Prima received a court barony
  • The first Pillars of Poseidon award was granted.
  • Michael Mallory invited to join the Masters of Defense

From the Crown Prints

Sus Excelencias de Lyondemere invitan a todos de Caid a celebrar el Aniversario de la Baronía este 11 de Julio.

Their Excellencies of Lyondemere invite all of Caid to celebrate their Baronial Anniversary this July 11th.

From Christopher Columbus to Ferdinand Magellan, Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries was the center of exploration. Let us share the glory of The Age of Discovery with martial tournaments, performances, games, and boat races!

Subjects from England and Portugal are welcome to join those of Spain in the days contests. Choose your allegiance and earn the right to take treasure back to your homeland! Treasures will be given throughout the days activities as well as by the populace.

Prove your adventuring spirit by taking part in contests of prowess on the Armoured, Rapier, and Unarmoured combat fields.

Build your hoard by acquiring loot at the Basket Raffle and help us fund our expeditions. (Please contact the event stewards if you have a donation for the raffle.)

Grow your Country’s armada and test your shipwright skills during the boat races! Awards will be given for fastest ship, most period design (documentation encouraged), and Baron’s choice. Ships can be constructed before hand as well as on site using provided materials. Youth are encouraged to come and build ships and a special division for youth participants for all three awards will be available. Ships must be sail propelled and no wider than 3”.

A gallery field will be available in prime location to allow the populace to display their skills. Challenge fights, Bardic performances, and any other displays will be facilitated by a dedicated herald. Come and bring your best, and if you impress, treasure may be gifted by the assembled gallery. If you are not performing please attend in the shade and experience the best our community has to offer, and perhaps dole out some treasures of your own in appreciation!

After a sunset court, stay for bardic, dancing and revelry in the warm summer evening. Make your way to Veteran’s Park at 4117 Overland Avenue, Culver City; the festivities start at 9:00 am, with an opening court as close to 10:00am as Their Majesties will entertain.




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