Lyondemere Anniversary 1990

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Location: Lyondemere
Date: 7/21/1990

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Aliskye Rosel and Morgaine Brisen


Lyondemere Anniversary Tournament was a Pirate Tourney in 1990. Highlights included an Arts Auction run by Fraser and Eden, a Bake Sale run by Aldwin, and a White Elephant sale run by Riordan and Cair Lasse.

Contests included Best Pirate Garb, Design a pirate insignia (other than a skull and crossbones), Best Sea Chanty, Best Sailor's Hornpipe Dance, Sciences Quiz, Heraldry Quiz, Best Parrot (alive or stuffed), Pirates Pride (Poem about favorite pirate), Best Explanation of "How I Got My Eye Patch" (No really, there I was...), Children's Shell Hunt, Knot Identification

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