Leif Erickson Tournament 2007

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Location: Calafia,

Stonehenge on the UCSD campus

Date: 10/13/2007

Lady Kendryth filia Gerald & The Calafia Ransomers Guild were Stewards for this event.


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From the Crown Prints

"The Raid of Lindisfarne Celebration and Collegium Caidis Fundraiser" October 13th, 2007

Unto the good and noble gentles of Caid does the Calafia Ransomers Guild send bright greetings!

We come bearing tidings of great joy - the Viking Raiders, er, Aggressive Trade Negotiators of the North, are on their way back from a successful meeting with the monks of Lindisfarne, and have requested the Calafia Ransomers Guild manage their gifts while they go to conduct similar negotiations with the townspeople of Paris.

To honor our corporate partners, the Calafia Ransomers Guild is hosting this year's Leif Erickson Tournament with the theme of "The Raid of Lindisfarne Celebration and Collegium Caidis Fundraiser."

All proceeds from this event, outside of operating costs, will benefit Collegium Caidis.

Come revel in an active day of fighting challenges and marvel in the spoils of raids!"

"Fighting Challenges: There will be two forms of fighting at Leif Erickson: Individual and Team Sport. For individual Rapier and Heavies fighters, we will be offering a Ransom Tourney. For Teams, there will be an Inter-Marshal Fighting Challenge.

Ransom Tourney (Rapier and Heavies) - Individual fighters will hold the field against all challengers. For each win a fighter has, a hatch mark will be made on a recording tape on the fighter's person (each fighter will be issued one "default" hatch mark). Each fighter has only one life, so once they have been "killed," they must return to Lysts to pay their ransom to get back into the tournament ($1 per hatch mark). Lysts will then mark the fighter as being paid, and they are free to resume fighting.

However, the value of the fighter's wins never goes away, so the next time the fighter buys back into the tournament, they must pay a ransom for all of their hatch marks (example: Fighter A holds the field against five challengers. When she goes to Lysts, she must pay $5 to buy back into the tournament. She then holds the field against five more challengers. Her ransom is now $10.). Fighters are encouraged to bring sponsors, and individuals are welcome to sponsor a particular fighter, or all fighters in general, with their donations.

Inter-Marshal Fighting Challenge (Rapier, Heavies, and Archery) - Teams of at least six persons (three heavies, two rapier, and one archer) must register with the Team Lysts table. Teams may be more than six individuals, but there must be at least three heavies fighters, two rapier fighters, and one archer. At this point, they are free to break off into their respective combat fields, where challenges will be issued to them by their marshals for points. The team with the most points at the end of the day wins.

Silent Auction: The bounty of the Viking raids will be up for silent auction! Come peruse the treasures of the Known World and place a bid on your favorite items! Linen fabric, iron work, colorful glass items, gorgeous jewelry, and so much more will be available. Don't miss this opportunity! (Donations to this silent auction are gratefully accepted - please contact the Event Steward for details.) "


Members: $2 individuals, $12 teams, regardless of size of team (all team members must be present at Gate to register as a team, late entries will be free to take part in the challenges with their team, but will be charged the $2 member individual price, non-members must add additional $3 NMS Fee and sign waivers).

Non-Members: $5 individuals, $15 teams, regardless of size of team (all team members must be present at Gate to register as a team, late entries will be free to take part in the challenges with their team, but will be charged at the $5 non-member individual rate).

Parents: Please remember you must sign minor waivers for your children! These will be available at Gate.

Additionally, all minors not accompanied by their parents or legal guardians are required to have notarized minors medical waivers and notarized health waivers, which are available on the kingdom website: http://www.sca-caid.org under the heading of "Library and Links."


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