Isles-Dreiburgen War 1984

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Location: Altavia
Veterans Memorial Park in Sylmar
Date: 04/07/1984

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From the Crown Prints

February 1984


We, the indignant subjects of Isles, beg your aid in a noble effort. Though normally a patient people, we find that same patience sorely tried by actions of certain “worthies” of Dreiburgen. Indeed, we must needs call for a crusade against these infidels. (For what good man of Christendom would have done as these men have done?) These men, gentles all, have darkened the sun, withered the flowers and, like ravaging locusts, despoiled our happiness. They have robbed us of the gentle comfort of our happy homes; fouly and untimely sundered from our midst a lovely maiden. True, they’ve taken only one thus far, but their reprehensible plans are known to us.

But, being a small Shire, we need your help in our noble aim. For who can say where their covetous eyes might turn next. No Shire or Barony will be safe for long. Let us those who would, aid us against the infidels for their lady’s honour and greater glory of God and come to the Memorial Park of the Veterans in the Right good Barony of Altavia on April 7th

March 1984

Isles-Dreiburgen War


Greetings and most Warm salutations to the most humble and neurotic Shirites of Isles’ from their most honorable and benevolent Excellencies, Leo and Rowena de Coronado and denizens of]. Please ease your fears; we wish you only those good things which are yours by right. By the nose (or lack there of) of the most revered Saint Geronimus—Desist in your most unholy slander!

It has been our pleasure and good fortune to receive from you the flower of your shire, she who has shown the grace and perceptiveness to take up residence in our Barony of Dreiburgen. We welcome her and invite her to enjoy our hospitality as long as she may desire. We lament with you that this leaves you bereft of maidens in Isles!

Long have we admired the generous the generous assets of your Shire, especially your beachfront property. So that you do not feel too deeply your grevious loss, we hereby graciously extend the benevolence of our protection to your Shire. Indeed, we will treat your Shire as though it were our own.

Let all those worthy folk who wish to help us prove our worth against the slandering Shirites gather on the 7th of April at the Altavian Hunting Grounds (Veterans Memorial Park)

April 1984

Isles-Dreiburgen War

There is a rumor going around that the key to the Altavian Hunting Grounds (Veterans Memorial Park) has been stolen by someone from Isles. This with the thought that if there is no longer a war site, there will be no war. If no war, then no chance of losing face in front of Dreiburgen. THIS RUMOR IS ENTIRELY FALSE! No one from Isles, or even Dreiburgen had anything to do with the missing key, and the war is still on with one minor reservation. The event will no longer be an overnighter.

Due to a lack of communications between various departments of L.A. Parks and rec. and the SCA, a problem developed, and the whearabouts of the key for Veterans Memorial Park was lost. We were told that we could not use the camping facilities until the key was found and given to the proper department. As a result the campground was given to another group for this weekend. The missing key problem has since been rectified.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Sir Robear du Bois, for his help in gaining and retaining in the face of insurmountable odds, the site for this event


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