In-Sand-Ity Tourney 2010

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Opening Court
Location: Imperial Valley College
Date: 01/30/2010

A beautiful day; sunny, cool and mildly breezy.


From the Crown Prints

Vikings were traders who visited many parts of the known world in search of markets and other excitement. On January 30, 2009, some other excitement will be offered in the best Viking manner by the Canton of Poll na Gainmhe. Expect heavy fighting, a three man melee, rapier, unarmored, a sit down luncheon feast prepared by Baron David of Caithness, youth combat, youth activities, the opportunity to sit and relax under tall trees, and the yearly croquet tournament. Merchants are welcome. There is no site fee. Alas, one of the more well known forms of Viking entertainment is not offered, as this is a dry site. Four footed Vikings are welcome. There is limited seating for the feast, and reservations are recommended. Bring your feast gear! Fees The feast will demonstrate that the Vikings ate well when visiting when on trading trips to the northern part of the Frankish Kingdom (Germany). The feast is $10 for anyone over the age of 12. For those under 12, the cost is $5. Littles aged 5 and under are guests of the Canton.

Make checks out to SCA, Inc/Canton of Poll na Gainmhe. Feast reservations, merchant reservations, answers to unforeseen questions – contact the event steward.

Additional Information

  • Site opens 8AM
  • Opening Court 9:30AM
  • Luncheon Feast 2:00PM
  • Croquet Immediately after the feast
  • Closing Court 4:30PM
  • Site closes 6:00PM


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