Hospitalers of St. John of Caid

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Last day of fighting at Estrella 2007
Founded: Oct. 2005
Status: Active

The Right Noble Hospitallers of St. John of CaidRRE are a collection of Brethren and Lay members, placed into two separate units that work together in unison to accomplish victory upon the war field.

The first Unit consists of the Hospitaller Foot soldiers and employs the majority of the Heavy Weapons fighters in shield wall attrition tactics.

The Second Unit is the Turcopoles, which consist of light cavalry, armed with Spears, Javelins, and Archery. The Turcopolers are used as a skirmish screen and flanking unit. Together the two units form into one large entity that is the Hospitallers of St. John of Caid.

The Hospitallers of history served as protectors of pilgrims, healers of the sick and lame and defenders of God's people. In like manner, do the SCA Hospitallers serve.

The Hospitallers are also loyalist, they never take up arms against the King of Caid, and only do so against other Known World Rulers when given permission by the King. Even then they seek out the Rulers before the battle to inform them of their duty.

The Hospitalers of St. John of Caid perennially offer up their Largesse Challenge to other Warbands of Caid.



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Members of the First Order

Professed Brothers

Secular Brothers


Pilgrims and past members

Friends and Supporters of the Order

We would like to thank the following people for all their hard work in matters pertaining to the Hospitallers. Without the hands and hearts of these excellent friends, we the Hospitallers would not be what we are today. Your kindness, support and efforts do not go unnoticed.

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