Gyldenholt Unbelted Tourney 1987

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Location: Gyldenholt
Date: 02/07/1987

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Personal information omitted. A hand-drawn map accompanied the article.

Yes, it's time once again for Gyldenholt's Annual Unbelted tourney. The tournament will be held on February 7, A.S. 21, at Mile Square Park, Fountain Valley.

Those who propose to enter the list should be warned that, aside from the Mad Dog List scheduled for the day, there will be the prerequisite of also entering a number of Arts Competitions (to be announced). Gallantry, as well as exemplary Feudalistic displays will be encouraged. There will be a prize for the most chivalrous fighter on the field, as well as the traditional prize to be awarded to the Victor on the field.

All those with comments or suggestions, please call the Autocrat.


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