Great Western War 1999

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Legion & Bloody Harlequins GWWIII 1999 44 26.jpg
Legion and Bloody Harlequins marching towards Court,
Location: Prado Regional Park, Chino CA
Date: Date of Event

Great Western War III, Also known as the Great “Wet” War because it had to be cancelled mid event due to heavy rain and wind.

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints


  • From the Ministry for Boffers: The Great Western War III was also a huge success. There were over 42 kids competing over a two-day period in both tournaments and castle melees. There was a torch-light tourney on Friday night and melees in the castle on Saturday afternoon. Those who didn't have their own equipment used the Kingdom's loaner armor so no one who wanted to participate was left out. Hand carved Viking chairs, tunics, and special boffer swords were donated as prizes for the tournament by Colin the Stout, Judit the Reo, House Dun Tyr, Calafia. Sir Halfdan, and Navar of Spoils of War. Thanks to the generosity of the merchants, over $500 in additional prizes were donated for the melees and youth activities so that every child who participated was able to choose a great prize to their liking. Never before have the youth been so graciously rewarded. I would also like to take the time to thank the autocrats for Great Western War III. Their support both financially, and with supplies, and time allowed Baroness Aelfwin and I to run a multitude of kid's events starting on Thursday and not ending until Saturday night. The new location of the Youth Pavilion allowed easy access to both fighters and shoppers along merchant's row. A special thanks to Duke John and Miguel whose effort were greatly appreciated. ~ Kuma, Minister of Youth Combat



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