Great Western War 1998

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Court Pavilion Needed
Location: Dreiburgen
Prado Regional Park in Chino
Date: 02/10-16/1998

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Cousins in War / Comrades in Celebration

The populace of the Known Worlde is invited to the Second Great Western War, an Inter-kingdom gathering to celebrate the arts of war and of peace! Before and during the second week of February, XXXII (1998 ad) the Prado Regional Park in Chino California, will host the fighters, artisans, archers, and merchants of the Society at the Second encounter of the Great Western War. Come and camp beside the waters of the lake, stroll the grassy meadows, enjoy the temperate climate and balmy winds of central Caid. Fight with people from all over the Society all day, revel with them all night.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: The site opens for our use at noon, Tuesday 10th. The war Scenarios begin Friday morning at noon (sharp!) and the Invocation Ceremonies will be held Saturday morning, February 14th. Archery competitions, Arts and Sciences activities, and classes will occur throughout the event. A Grand Court will be held Sunday night.

FIGHTING: The battles will be designed in consultation with military strategists from throughout the Known World. Combat Archery will figure prominently in several scenarios, and we will again offer the incredibly successful Woods Battles, and the picturesque hilltop Castle Battle, complete with a Siege Weapons competition! Tactically challenging, geographically rich and thought[provoking scenarios! Combat WILL begin on time! There will be a Torchlight tourney, and the southern Company of St. George will host a helm show, pas d'armes and a 14th century feast for the entrants (Info: Sir Padraic or Duke John).

SITE DESCRIPTION: Prado Park is 2,280 acres of grass and trees, open fields, woods, and a beautiful lake. Many of the camp sites have water and electricity, and RV campsites are available by prior arrangement. Come early for a lakeside camping area... but there are no "bad" campsites at this park! There are permanent restrooms and showers on site. The Equestrian Center is located next to the park, and horses are available for rental. You may bring your dogs, for an additional dollar per day (each). The lake permits fishing and boating. Bring your coracle! Your Viking longboat! No gas engines, inflatable boats, or swimming permitted in the lake. Boaters must pay a $2.00 launch fee. Reservations are available: Morgana Elisabetta Rosatti.

MERCHANTS: The fee for goods merchants is only $80.00 for the entire event, and for food merchants, only $130.00 for the entire event. This fee includes: a week of profitable sales! Two site favors, participation in the Moonlight Madness Shopping Spree, a spacious 20' x 30' space to sell your arts, crafts, and SCA merchandise, or a stall in the Merchant Bazaar under our pavilion (please remember that we expect our merchants to reflect the pre-17th century focus of the Society), and a great week of shopping, fighting, and fellowship to be enjoyed by all. For a merchant packet and reservation forms, contact Sir Gavin MacDhomhnuill.

WOMENS' CAMP: A place for women who would like to go to war, and need a place to camp. Some ladies are new members or don't necessarily feel comfortable camping alone. This unstructured camp has no pre-planned group cooking or pre-planned group activities, just a place for the ladies to relax and enjoy the war (this is not a camp for women with small children). Ten space will be available for those needing it (reservations unnecessary). Please contact Lady Abigail.

COST (reduced from last year!): pre-registered adults arriving Tuesday through Thursday: $28.00; pre-registered adults arriving after Friday: $22.00. All children must be accompanied by a parent or LEGAL GUARDIAN with a notarized minor's waiver and a medical waiver, or be an emancipated minor with proof. We will be checking See Maestra Morgana Elisabetta Rosatti.


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