Fall Queen's Champion 2009

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Chivalry vs. Queen's Guard
Location: Gyldenholt
Mason Regional Park
Irvine, CA
Date: 11/08/2009

The Queen's Champion tournament for armored combat, rapier and youth combat.


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From the Crown Prints

Event Steward: THL Ceara ingen Chonaill

Oi yea, oi yea! SITE CHANGE Come see the glorious fighters of Caid battle it out to be Queen’s Champion. Celebrate the second day of Her Majesty Kara the Twin’s reign with heavies, rapier and boffer fighting.

Space Reservations, Geopolitical units or households that are planning on attending, please contact the event steward with the size of your pavilion including ropes for space. Preferences will be given to Kingdom's Baronies, Shires and Cantons.

Schedule of the day:

8am site opens for set up
10am Court
5pm site closes

This is a dry site. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash at all times. Sorry, merchants are not allowed. There is no driving on the grass.


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