Fall Investiture 1974

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Location: Isles
Tucker's Grove, Santa Barbara, CA
Date: 11/23/1974

Investiture of Hugh and Rosemary, 2nd Prince and Princess of Caid.


From the Crown Prints

The Tourney in honor of the coroneting of Sir Hugh the Undecided as Second Prince of Caid will be hosted by the Barony of the Isles, and will take place Saturday, November 23, at Tuckers Grove County Park, in Santa Barbara. Set-up will begin in 9 a.m., with Opening Court at 10 a.m. (We're still operating on Prince Christian's time, so it will likely start on time!) All attendees are asked to be extra colorful at this event, since this may help convince the Powers That Be in the Santa Barbara area that the SCA is something to be encouraged.

Due to the lack of suitable banqueting halls in the area, there will not be a Coroneting Banquet; ther will be a dinner break, and reservations have been made at two (or more) nearby restaurants for that time. Martin the Temperate will have directions, prices, sign-up sheets and other info for those who desire it, at the Tourney.

The Coroneting Ceremony and Revel will be held in the Board Room of the Francisco Torres (cnr. Storke Road & El Colegio, in Goleta), beginning at 8:30 p.m. 50 cents per person will be asked, in order to defray costs of the room and refreshments.

(Directions to the event were given)

Non-fighting Lords should be advised to be prepared for the Snapdragon Contest!

The First Bi-Annual Caid Arts Festival will be held in the Barony of the Isles, during the Coroneting Tourney (hopefully at about 2 p.m.). Categories: 1) comic monologues, (2) serious monologues, 3) comic scenes and 4) serious scenes. A fifth category, musical drama will be added if here are numerous entries of that type.

Material may be historical, original, or may be modern (if pre-1650 in style and subject, i.e., A Lion in Winter is okay.) Selections may be read or done from memory.

In addition to the above, the Lady Meg Shelford, Mistress of Arts for the Principality of Caid, would like to remind everyone that the deadline for the Doll Contest is the Southern Twelfth Night celebration.

Also, all those interested in how the bardic arts should be organized in Caid should send Lady Meg written opinions as soon as possible (within the next month?) A college of bards if established, would be a lesser office of state and would be to some degrree responsible to the office of the Mistress of the Arts (kingdom policy). However, other forms might also be arranged.

The office of Mistress of the Arts will always welcome questions, idea, suggestions, comments, criticism, etc., whether on the bardic arts, or anything else that may come within the scope of the office. Simply contact Lady Meg Shelford. Deputies are needed in the areas of music and children's activities.

John Ruskin once said that "fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together." Art does not have to be a large, impressive thing, only a sincere one; don't be afraid to use your creativity and imagination. In its simplest form, art could be a smile!


The Incomparable Giacomo won the Order of the Barbed Pheon contest for puns. There was the first annual Snapdragon Contest for non-fighters and the winner received the Order of the Enflamed Digit. General revelry followed.


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