Fall Crown Tournament 2006

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091606 Crown Edric Faizeh.jpg
Prince Edrick and Princess Faizeh at closing court
Location: Gallavally
Lake Hemet Event Meadows on Hwy 74 in Mountain Center
Date: 09/16/2006

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Fall Crown Tournament

September 16, 2006

Unto the wondrous populace of Caid does the Canton of Gallavally send warm greetings and glad tidings. We are honored to have been chosen to host Fall Crown Tournament, and would be honored further by your company at a 3 day celebration of TRM Sven & Kolfinna, Their Heirs and Caid! Please come enjoy the hospitality of our populace and the camaraderie of friends in the scenic mountain highlands of our fair Canton beginning Friday Sept 15th.

Arrival Fri - $15 for adult members, $10 children ages 6-12, children 5 & under are our guests. Arrival Sat - $10 for adult members, $7 children ages 6-12, children 5 & under are our guests. Non-members please add a $3 non-member service charge. Make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Canton of Gallavally

General Info: Merchants are welcome. Pets are allowed only if they remain on a leash, are not left unattended, and are cleaned up after. (Please note that we will be in the mountains, with all the accompanying wildlife.) There is an off limits area due to Bald Eagle nesting which is strictly enforced. This is a wet site (for those of age). An amenities list will be available on-line and on site.

Friday s Schedule:

  • Site/Gate opens: 2:00pm
  • Gate closes for the day: 10:00pm

In addition to informal fun for kids of all ages and fighting inclinations during the day, we will also have the Gallavally Inn opening at 6:00pm. The evenings fare is a Donational Soup Kitchen, and the evening s festivities include Fireside Games, Songs & Stories.

Saturday s Schedule:

  • Gate re-opens: 7:00am (please be on site by 1:00pm for easy entry; those arriving later may experience a delay while a staff member is located to open the gate) Crown Tournament! With the Tournament complete and Caid`s Heirs chosen, let the evenings frivolity begin!
  • The Gallavally Inn opens at 6:00pm with the evenings fare being a donational Pasta Feast. From 6 - 7:30
  • Family Friendly Bardic circle. Beginning at 7:30, break out your Dancing shoes! Be ready for our hometown game the Gallavally Bransles; brush up on your Arbeau & bring your favorite beverage to share.
  • Listen at Your Own Risk Bardic At 9:30 (not rated for genteel audiences)

On Sunday:

The fun continues!

  • The Gallavally Inn will open at 8:00am for a donational Breakfast featuring breakfast burritos.
  • We will have a War Lord Tourney for both Heavy & Rapier Fighters beginning at 10:00am (Those able to assist with the running of rapier fighting, please contact THL Brennos ap Doolin.)
  • If time permits, and desire for more combat continues, we will also have a specific weapons form tourney (form to be chosen by the fighters or the whim of TRM & TRH)

Site Closes: 4:00pm Camping Info: [*Please note that this is the correct & complete info. Due to space restrictions some info was omitted from the CP, slightly changing details.*] We have exclusive use of the area. Camp showers will be available on site; we also have permission to use the coin operated showers (25 cents/3 min) in restroom #6 at the main campground. (Shower shuttles will run during the event.) Personal camp showers with gray water collectors are allowed. Gray water collection stations will be on site; gray water/sewage dump stations are at the main campground. Fires: There will be 3 communal fire rings. Metal fire braziers 12 inches above the ground, with fire extinguishers will be allowed in the campfire zone areas. (Geo-political and large group camps with communal braziers will be given first choice of these areas.) Enclosed flames and camp stoves will be allowed with fire extinguishers in all areas.

The No campfire zones will be marked.



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From Baron Malcolm Alberic

I will never forget this event! It was a nice event grounds near Lake Hemet that I believe we should use again. There is one small draw back, the property doubles as grazing land for steers part of the year and during Crown over 200 head of cattle and 2 bulls were pastured there. Brennos ap Doolin scheduled a work party prior to Crown to clean up the site and and have it ready, being a horseman, one thing I know how to do is fork manure. The fun continued through the event as I spent much of the weekend keeping one eye on the herd and armed with a very effective driving tool (a broom) I and a few others would go out to the herd including the two bulls every time they came towards the event and turn them away. Many people commented that I had picked a bad event to wear my red coat hardy.


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