Fading Lands

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Fading Lands
Founded: May 2014
Status: Active
Fading Lands Badge Fieldless.png
A tree blasted and eradicated per pale purpure and argent

The Company of the Fading Lands is an armored combat warband and household that maintains a welcoming and family-oriented community and encourages belonging and dependability among its members and friends. The Company is headquartered in the Barony of Calafia and fights in the Royal Army of Caid as part of the Iron Brigade.


The Fading Lands began solely as a household founded by Torin Duin and Esme Ann Duin and a group of their close friends and family at Potrero War in A.S. XLIX (May 2014). Within a few short years Torin and another household member, Hróðmundr “Mundi” Kristrøðarson, became inspired to expand the influence of the Fading Lands by seeking out wealth and glory through the arts of soldiery. Together, they formed the Company of the Fading Lands and fought alongside the Hospitalers of St. John of Caid at Potrero War in A.S. LII (May 2017). By the following year the Company took the field of battle with seven Footmen. After Great Western War in A.S. LIV (October 2019), a charter and manual of arms for the Company was implemented. The Company of the Fading Lands has grown to over 40 members with 20 heavy combat fighters and earned the Crossed Swords of Caid at Potrero War in A.S. LVII (May 2022).

The Company is modeled after a 14th century mercenary company, similar to the Condottieri of Italy, such as the White Company led by John Hawkwood and Albert Sterz or the Great Company led by Werner Von Urslingen. These companies were often comprised of professional soldiers from several different national origins. This representation is intended to give individual members of the Company the freedom to pursue whatever persona they choose but allows the Company overall some cohesion and common purpose.

The Company

Company Council

Captian - Lord Hróðmundr Kristrøðarson

War Council

  • First Corporal - Lady Alianora MacMahan
  • Corporal of the 1st Contingent - Murchadh MacGabhar
  • Corporal of the 2nd Contingent - Jon Flannagan
1st Contingent
  • Lord Wulfric Goatsley, Armsman, Iron Brigade Commander
  • Lady Fina Wishart, Armsman
  • Lord Josef Stohl, Armsman
  • Lord Oda “Yasuke” Okikaze, Armsman
  • Bogomir, Armsman
  • Sloane MacNamara, Armsman
  • Izhane, Footman
  • Lady Mychell Makintournoer, Footman Recruit
  • Kalraven, Auxiliary Armsman
  • Lars, Auxiliary Footman
2nd Contingent

Civic Council


Rallying Cry



Spears Shaken!

Shields Splintered!

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