Estrella War 2007

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The Widow Maker
Location: Atenveldt
Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, AZ
Date: 02/13-19/2007

From the Crown Prints

Estrella War XXIII Headquarters

Special Events
Dirt Auction/Fundraiser
30 minutes before Grand Court
Location: Grand Court Pavilion

Thursday, February 15 Friday, February 16 Sunday, February 18
Annuals Laurels
(and Apprentices)
Combat Prize Tournament

List table opens at 11:30 am
Tournament starts at 12:00 pm.
Location: Tourney Field

Roses Cancer Tournament

3:00 pm.
Location: Tourney Field

Artisan’s Showcase
at Estrella XXIII

10:00 am – 1:00 pm.
Location: Grand Court Pavilion

Dead King Sven’s
Valhalla Party

Early Evening
Location: An Tir Camp

Hound Lure Coursing

9:00 am. (before fighting)
9:00 am. (before fighting) Location: Main Battelfield

Bride VS Groom

10:00 am – 1:00 pm.
Location: Tourney Field

Gules Wimple
Luncheon & Shopping

Location: Merchant’s Food Court

Third Annual Estrella XXIII
Known World Choir

Immediately following Queen’s Tea
Location: Atenveldt Royal Pavilion

Hound Lure Coursing

3:000 pm. (after fighting)
9:00 am. (before fighting) Location: Main Battelfield

Queen’s Tea

2:oo pm. To 5:00 pm.
Location: Atenveldt Royal Pavilion

Eleventh Annual Lady’s

Schlager Treasure Chest
9:30 am sign up and armor Inspection.
9:30 am – 1:00 pm.
Location: Tournament Field

Second Annual Atenvelt
Quick & the Dead Combat
Archery Duel

10:30 am
Location: Main Battelfield

Estrella War Site Fees
Adult Member Discount $10.00

Wed. – Fri. Sat 12:01 am.
Adult 18 or older 65.00 55.00
Minor 9 to 17 25.00 25.00
Youth 0 to 8 Free Free
Adult Day Pass 30.00 30.00
Minor Day Pass 15.00 15.00
Reserved Parking 20.00 20.00



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