Enid Gwyr

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Lady Enid Gwyr
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Isles
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Lady Enid Gwyr is a professional scribe and contract negotiator working with Calix Inundans Co. (LLC). Her current residence is the Shire of Darach. She hails from the bright and sunny Shire of the Isles, where she began playing in 2006. She is most often seen wandering the Baronies of downtown Caid.

Enid's employable skills include literacy, a fair hand in calligraphy, and pronunciation of Welsh (some fees apply).

Enid is currently the student of Don Laertes McBride. When she's not chronicling, she runs around doing absolutely everything he tells her to do without question or exception. She also takes special care to make sure her "nephew," Don Colwyn Stagghorn stays warm and eats properly.


The daughter of traveling merchants, Enid was given into the care of the sisters of St. Mabyn's at a young age. She was raised and educated by the sisters at an abbey on the Gwyr peninsula in Wales. Her parents' letters from abroad gave Enid a strong interest in international business.

As she matured, Enid learned the finer points of contract negotiation, bargaining, and the occasional under-the-table deal. The nuns of St. Mabyn's were determined to provide alms for the impoverished citizens in the countryside around them by, often by any means necessary ("Those orphans ain't gonna feed themselves!" --Mother Superior Gwenhyfir ferch Rhodri), so Enid was trained in the finer points of forgery, double-book-keeping, and charming smiles.

When she came of age in the mid 1400s, she adopted the name of her homeland and left the church, ostensibly on pilgrimage. She crossed the sea, intending to see the world, discover new business ventures, and perhaps reunite with her parents on the trade roads.

On her travels, she met Todde and Mora. Todde quickly realized such a sheltered and delicate maiden would often encounter threats to her virtue on the road (which was his extremely polite way of saying Enid's mouth often outpaced her brain and would surely get her into trouble one day) and began teaching her the art of rapier. Mora tried to teach her the art of feminine comportment and quickly despaired.

Enid's interests include coffee, snark, Italian rapier, socks, sailors, Arthurian legends, foxes, the Mabinogion, and mojitos.


Enid's most enriching connections include a principal share in the merchant household Calix Inundans (ask us about our cardamom!). She was recently honored with an invitation to join House Portos and the rapier fighting unit associated therewith.

She is a frequent passenger on the White Star, frequent denizen--er, patron of the Inn of the Crimson Spade, and has in the past been affiliated with the Isles-based rapier fighting unit, the Crimson Skirts.

Offices & Positions

Event Staff

  • Rapier Steward, Isles Anniversary, November 2010
  • Rapier Marshal-in-Charge, King's Hunt, April 2011
  • Rapier Marshal-in-Charge, Robin Hood Tourney, April 2011
  • Rapier Coordinator, Great Western War 2015

Enid's Scribblings

Enid maintains a written record of her fencing adventures, which can be found on her personal blog.

And then she writes us songs, to get stuck in our heads: