Calix Inundans

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The Principal Shareholders of Compagnia Calix Inundans.
Founded: 2007
Status: Active
Not Yet Approved. Fieldless, a chalice or, overflowed by liquid azure.

Calix Inundans Company is a merchant-themed household within the Kingdom of Caid. Like the White Star and Inn of the Crimson Spade, Calix greatly enjoys persona play and all aspects of the Game of the SCA, particularly any activities and arts which are "good for business" (a convenient argument for every new venture and activity the company members undertake).

Principal Shareholders

Minority Shareholders

None at this time.

Current Business Ventures

  • Fine Leathergoods, by Todde mac Donnell
  • Healing Massage by Adelasia Borghi
  • Companions of Procurable Constancy from Mora Spadera
  • Fine Spices by the sack, bushel, or shipload
  • Insurance for small ventures
  • Contract negotiation, alms accepted for redressing of sins, and Wit, to Order, Enid Gwyr

Regular Business Locations

  • Shire of Isles
  • Warehouses in Cadiz, just down the street from the docks and the Crimson Spade
  • Great Western War, annually
  • Spring Potrero, annually
  • Estrella War, annually
  • Regular events in Downtown Caid

Frequent Business Partners