Eichling von Amrum

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Resides: Altavia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Eichling device.png
Argent, an oak sapling eradicated sable, on a chief azure a mullet argent, as an augmentation, surmounting the trunk an inescutcheon azure charged with four crescents conjoined in saltire horns outward argent.

Lady Eichling von Amrum. Eichling returns all awards given to her that bear precedence except for her original award of arms that she received in 1979. She has even turned down four offers to become a member of the Chivalry (from Caid and the West). She did, however, accept an Augmentation of Arms, from TRM Guillaume and Felinah at Fall Crown Tournament held in Altavia on 09/16/2000.


Eichling was born in the early 10th century on the Frisian island of Amrum of a Norse (Swedish/Danish) father and a Celtic (Briton) mother. She left Amrum in her early teens and indentured herself for four years to her father's friend and business partner, the Iberian merchant "Uncle Samuel". During that time, she became literate and learned something of medicine/herbology. She also learned to fight.

After leaving Uncle Sam, Eichling hired herself out as an armed chaperone for women traveling with male armnsmen; her motto "I guard the guardians" was developed during that time. After a decade and a half of that profession, she found herself increasingly interested in medicine and co-founded a small merchant house that dealt in medical texts and supplies.


Event Staff

Projects & Publications

  • Fighting (armored combat), equestrian, poetry, fibre, dance, armoring, rapier
  • author of CA "Russian Folklore"
  • co-author of "swordmaiden" website (with Kolfinna)
  • The Compleat Anachronist #34, Russian Folklore