Dreiburgen Yule 2023

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Dreiburgen Yule 2023
Location: Riverside Eagles #997
Date: December 2, 2023

Intro. Dreiburgen Yule 2023

Event Staff

Event Steward(s):


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From the Crown Prints

Dreiburgen bids all to leave their winter and holiday decorations at home, and instead join us in “A Celebration of Heraldry”. Bring your banners and flags, your shields, your crested helms, wear your tabards and heraldic garb. Show off your heraldry, your household’s heraldry, your Barony’s Heraldry, your Kingdom’s heraldry.


  • 12:00pm Site opens
  • 1:00pm Opening Court (at Their Excellencies’ pleasure)
  • 5:00pm Closing Court (at Their Excellencies’ pleasure)
  • 6:00pm Site Closes

ACTIVITIES: Events and contests on the day will include:

  • Table decorating contest (judged on the theme of A Celebration of Heraldry)
  • Potluck
  • Period foods competition
  • Bard of Dreiburgen competition, and bardic performances
  • Dreiburgen Games championship

Please keep an eye out for further details regarding all of the day's activities. It is understood that due to medical conditions, there are people who do not participate in Potluck feasts.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Adult Event Registration: $15. Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $10. Cash and checks will be accepted at gate. Make checks payable to “SCA,Inc/Barony of Dreiburgen”

SITE RESTRICTIONS: The site has a bar where you will be able to buy water, soda, and beer. Because of this, no outside drinks other than juice boxes or milk/formula for children are allowed to be brought in. The barony will be providing each person with two tickets that can be used to buy water (and only water) at the bar


What a wonderful Yule! Thank you to our stewards Hallr brjost Starsson and Alastar MacLachlan for a truly perfect event! The theme of heraldry was really embraced by everyone proudly displaying their arms and livery.

Thank you to Her Majesty Queen Lorissa du Griffin, and our dear cousin Baroness Katerina Magdalena Stoianovna of The Angels for sharing your day with Dreiburgen!

Congratulations to

Congratulations to the recipients of kingdom awards (including those from Dreiburgen Anniversary that needed a follow up)

And it was wonderful to celebrate the following recipients of Baronial Awards: Illuminated Towers (awarded for specific arts)

Towers of Dreiburgen (awarded for service)

Thank you to Dylyedog Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter for hosting the bardic performances, and to each wonderful bard for performing! It was a TOUGH championship as always!

Thank you Jason Musa Black for hosting our games championship!

Michelle filia Osgari for youth activities!

Fiammetta and Yosh for Gate duties!

And to our behind the chairs support: Guinevere Sande and Thomas Alan Branch, thank you for EVERYTHING! And Anerain ap Logan James Michael Stacy for being the voice of the Court!

Happy Yule! Baron Ramvoldus Kröll and Baroness Kungund Benehonig


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