Dreiburgen Summer Event 1984

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Location: Dreiburgen
Council Campground near Barton Flats on Highway 38
Date: 07/21-22/1984


Event Staff

Autocrat: Morgana of the Shadowed Keep

From the Crown Prints


Dreiburgen DIONYSIAN FESTIVAL has been moved up one week to July 21 and 22. Escape the heat and smog! Journey to the cool, clean air of the San Bernardino Mountains. This event will be at the same site as last year, Council Campground near Barton Flats on Highway 38.

Competitions will be for the mind and body. Arts events and Physical events will get points with an overall winner. Wrestling will again be Highlighted.

Put on your Greek clothes and join us for a week-end of fun.

Sunday, July 22, there will be a KINGDOM FIGHTING PRACTICE!

Cost is $3 per person for the week-end. Children under 12 are free


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