Dreiburgen Summer Event 1983

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Location: Council Campground near Barton Flats on Highway 38
Date: 09/17/1983


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From the Crown Prints


Escape the heat and smog that prevails at the end of summer by journeying to the San Bernardino Mountains. Dreiburgen will hold this event on September 17th at the Council Campground neat Barton Flats on Highway 38.

Greek games and competitions for mind and body, such as wrestling, philosophy/oration, foot races, a Greek military history quize, etc, will be used to find our all-round champion for the day.

Put on your Greek clothes, take a Greek sounding name, and join us for the fun. There will also be a most original name contest.

We will also be having a late afternoon boffer quest, so dig out your boffer swords and daggers.

There is a day use fee of $1.00 per person. Camping is permited on Friday and Saturday nights by Reservation (there is a limit!) The fee for one or both nights is $3.00 per person-this includes your day use fee.

This site is wet (well, it IS a Dionysian Festival)! Dogs are permitted in the campgroung buy must be on a leash and you must have proof of a current rabies shot with you!! There is limited parking at this site, so chariot-pooling would be appreciated.


Dreiburgen was HOT and Greek myths and chitons are cool. I wasn’t involved, but I did attend. I got into a bit of trouble though. They had a great theme inspired by Homer. We gathered into competing groups and tried to figure out the quest which included getting past the Goddess Circe, the Medusa, Cerberus and other challenges. All the groups died at least once, and the event stewards had to Deus Ex Machina us so we could get a winner. Since I had the biggest Id and Ego, I became our group’s leader. By the time I figured out how to win, some other group was already way ahead of us and was rushing to the finish line. But then it occurred to me, we’re not in Medieval Europe. Chivalry hasn’t been invented yet. I’ll pull an Odysseus! I got our group to lie “dead” on each side of the path where the leading team had to pass. When they got to us, I had us all rise pretending to be ghosts. As they stood there trying to figure out what was going on, I killed them all from behind. Very unchivalrous. We then took their prize and ran to the finish line. Very unchivalrous. The other team was… unhappy with me. And who could blame them. The autocrats suggested that my team forfeit our stolen prize – which we did. It made for a good story though. ~ Eadwqynne of Runedun


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