Dreiburgen Summer Event 1979

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Beggar’s Picnic 1979 - Photo by Gorland.jpg
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Location: U.C.Riverside
Date: 06/30/1979

Beggar's Picnic

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Beggar’s Picnic

Dreiburgen’s annual Beggar’s Picnic will be held on 30 June at UCR behind Pierce Hall where there is a permanent volleyball net. Since beggars cannot be choosers, we will be putting this net to use with a Shuttlecock and Battledore tournament (badminton, to the uninitiated). There will be both singles and doubles completion. Remember to wear your most beggarly attire and bring your own lunch. Be prepared to hear the tale and view the relics of Dreiburgen’s patron saint, St. Geronimus.


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