Dreiburgen Summer Event 1978

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St Geronimus.jpg
Saint Geronimus
Location: Sylvan Park in Redlands
Date: 07/01/1978

Beggar's Picnic
Saint Geronimus Was commemorated at this event

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Event Staff


  • Dreiburgen Summers are known to be HOT. Dreiburgen wasn’t a very large group, and there was some concern that if we didn’t have activities during Summer, people may not keep their interest up. Sir Waldt and his lady Alison, first Baron and Baroness of Dreiburgen were not going to let the Barony waste away. Alison, along with the Dreiburgen Cook’s and Brewers’ Guild, felt that they needed to come up with something. Since it was so hot that you could fry bacon on your helmet, they rejected the common wisdom that all SCA field events had to have a tournament. And, Dreiburgen Summers being HOT, it was decided that a peasant theme would be the most comfortable, thus the Beggars’ Banquet was born. I believe that the Cooks and Brewers provided Soup and bread, and the rest was potluck. I don’t really remember who was the first autocrat/event steward, but perhaps Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood might remember. As a social event to keep the Barony active, it was a great success


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Dreiburgen Summer Event 1979

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