Dreiburgen Summer Arts 2023

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Dreiburgen Summer Arts 2023
Location: Riverside Eagles #997
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Dreiburgen Summer Arts 2023

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From the Crown Prints

The Barony of Dreiburgen extends a joyous invitation to all for a wondrous day of Arts and Sciences! Under the patronage of Their Excellencies, Ramvoldus and Kungund, there will be a grand competition to determine the Dreiburgen Arts and Sciences Champion, as well as a People's Choice. Marvel at mesmerizing displays of creativity and enjoy immersive classes on a variety of topics, where you can expand your skills or learn a new art! We eagerly await your presence and hope to see you there!


  • 10:00 Site Opens
  • 11:00am Opening Court (at Their Excellencies’ pleasure)
  • 4:00pm Closing Court (at Their Excellencies’ pleasure)
  • 5:00pm Site Closes

ARTS & SCIENCES CHAMPION COMPETITION: Baron Ramvoldus has created 5 distinct riddles. To enter the competition, answer these riddles with your art!

  • Riddle #1: I have one good eye, but still cannot see. I get to wear the finest clothes that are never made for me.
  • Riddle #2: You will find me equally in darkness and light. My bark is not loud, but with metal I bite.
  • Riddle #3: Over and over I’m stabbed or kicked on the ground, I still hold value even as I’m thrown around
  • Riddle #4: In front or behind I do not change, but turned on my head I’m no longer the same
  • Riddle #5: Whatever your art form let it ring true, the only one who can answer this one is you. (Wildcard)

You may submit an arts entry for as many of the riddles as you like. To enter the Baronial Arts Championship you must submit an arts entry to at least 4 of the 5 riddles. Entries must have been created within the last year. Documentation is appreciated and may give your entry an impressive edge, but it is not required.

There will be 7 winners, each receiving a beautiful, unique prize. Each riddle will have a winner (5). The Baronial Arts champion will be chosen from those individuals who answer at least 4 of the 5 riddles with their arts entries (1). Populace Choice (1).


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