Dreiburgen Summer Arts / Festival of the Rose 2011

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Location: Gallavally
United Methodist Church in Hemet
Date: 07/16/2011

Dreiburgen Summer Arts/Festival of the Rose

Event Staff

From the Kingdom Calendar Announcement

Festival of the Rose

Dreiburgen Summer Arts

The Barony of Dreiburgen invites the populace of the Kingdom to come forth and display their original works of art for the pleasure of Her Majesty Mora. There will be workshops and competitions. Artisans bring your best to please her Majesty. The theme of the day is “The Arts of the Northmen”.

There will be a “Spoils of War” Auction to raise money for the Kingdom Travel Fund. The services of individuals will be auction for the day. Please bring your bags of gold to bid on our best services.

Dreiburgen will also be hosting their Summer Arts Competition. There will be contests in four A&S categories: Bardic, Costuming, Cooking and Arts of Combat (i.e. handmade weapon, quiver, armor). Prospective Champions must enter at least three of the four categories. Those not intending to go for the championship may enter as few or as many contests as they choose. There will be a winner in each category announced. The champion need not win all categories, but must have the highest cumulative score to become the Champion. Documentation counts as part of the score. Further information will be posted on the Kingdom website.

There will be a number of A&S workshops running continuously throughout the day. Bring your hammers, scissors, pencils and paper and learn a new art.

A brown bag lunch will be provided for a donation of $5.

Schedule for the Day

  • Site opens at 8am for Display set up
  • Opening Court at 10am (at Her Majesties Pleasure)
  • Closing Court at 5pm
  • Site closes at 6pm

Site Fees: $8.00 for Adult Members 12 and Over $13.00 for Adult Non-Members 12 and Over $3.00 for Children 6-11 Children under 6 are guests of the Barony

Please make checks payable to SCA Inc, Barony of Dreiburgen

This is a dry site and smoking is not permitted on the grounds.

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