Dreiburgen Anniversary 2023

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Dreiburgen Anniv 2023 - by Marcus Anthony Kennedy.jpg
Dreiburgen Anniversary 2023
Location: Rancho Jurupa Regional Park
4800 Crestmore Rd, Riverside, CA
Date: 10/28/2023

Dreiburgen Anniversary 2023

Event Staff

Event Steward(s):


PREMIERING @ DREIBURGEN ANNIVERSARY Peaks Perspective Shade will be located at the north side of site, nearest the lake. This will mark the accessibility entrance for Anniversary. Come meet the DEIB Team & join us for a calm, relaxing space! We will have noise reduction tools, as well as some extra warmth, if needed! Donations of waters or snacks are welcome!!! You'll find us by the inclusivity flag!

In Service, DEIB Dreiburgen

From the Crown Prints

In ancient days lost in the mists of time, fantastical beasts and magical beings dwelled in the lands of Dreiburgen. In this past year, the return of dangerous dragons threatened our lands, which led to the Academia Draconis in defense. We now encourage the more benevolent of the magical creatures to return harmony to the barony. Their Excellencies Baron Ramvoldus and Baroness Kungund would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the 49th anniversary of the Barony dressed as mythological figures. Elves and faeries, unicorns and dragons, we welcome you!

SCHEDULE: 8:00 am - Site Opens 10:00 am - Opening Court (at Their Majesties’ pleasure) 15 minutes after the end of court - Lists Close Between Opening and Closing Courts - Turkish Cafe open Noon - Donation Lunch is served 5:00 pm - Site Closes

LUNCH: Turkish Cafe. Even magical creatures need to relax! Come and chill at our Turkish style cafe! Amenities include: • Donation lunch to benefit Dreiburgen (requested $10) • Donation snowcones to benefit the Kingdom (requested $5) • Beatrix Honeybourne’s Starbee’s hot drinks (Free, but she pays for it all herself, so tips are GREATLY appreciated!)

EVENT REGISTRATION: Adult Event Registration $25, Adult Member Discount Event Registration $20, Youth aged 17 and under are guests of the Barony. Payment using cash and checks only will be accepted on-site. Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Barony of Dreiburgen. There are no refunds.

SITE INFORMATION: The park typically has an entry fee, which we will be collecting as part of your site fee. Please let the rangers at the gate know that you are with the SCA, and you should be allowed to enter without payment.

ARMORED COMBAT TOURNAMENT: Standard double elimination tourney. Then in the semifinals the fighters will pick a coin from the Cauldron of Fate. The coin determines the weapon each fighter will use in the match. Finals are best 2 out of 3.

RAPIER AND CUT & THRUST TOURNAMENTS: The spirits have been angered by all this celebrating! The Cairns have been disturbed and as blood falls on the ground, the spirits slowly wake. Join us for our Cut & Thrust and Heavy Rapier tournaments. Stay for shenanigans. Each combatant will have lives based on their ranking. MoDs will have 1 life, Argent Blades will have 2, Duelists 3, and unranked fighters will have 4. When (if) you are eliminated, you will become an angry spirit. Stand on the sidelines and seek vengeance on those that fell you by hurling your deadly spirit energy at the remaining combatants. All defeated fighters will receive 3 projectiles. Once per combat, after the marshal announces “The spirits awaken!” you may throw your projectile, disabling any limb hit, and paralyzing your victim if you hit them in their torso or upper opening. Standard 120° engagement applies to the projectiles, so getting hit in the back will not harm any combatant. These spirits may be angry, but they still have some honor left. Finals for C&T and Rapier will be best 2 out of 3 with fighters bringing their best forms. Any spirits with energy left may stand at the sidelines as usual, as long as they do not stand in front of, or directly across from, Royal or Baronial seating.

MERCHANTS: Merchants are welcome, please contact the event stewards.


  • The Hare Competition is open to everyone to submit their first attempt at a craft completed within the last three months. The Tortoise Competition is open to previous Hare entrants with your best work in the same discipline as the previous year.
  • Humble Beginnings A&S display: Most of us don't start out perfect in our A&S endeavors. Show us your A&S humble beginnings, so we can understand and appreciate your A&S journey. Display photos or items from your early projects, flaws and all, to compare and contrast with your items of your current wonderfulness. Documentation is not required, but perhaps tell us about lessons learned, trials overcome, and memorable mistakes.
  • Bards share your stories, songs, and instruments at the Turkish Cafe throughout the day. Perhaps share items with Arabian Nights, fantasy, or mythology themes, or whatever makes you happy!
  • Bard of Caid: We are pleased to host a round of competition! Three words will be announced at opening court. Entrants must compose a piece (song, story, poem) on site using those three words and perform it that day.


  • Hound Coursing: After opening court, the Hound Handlers of Caid will open the course for a short time to give our hounds some exercise. All dogs are welcome to participate.
  • Costume Contest: Lord Chartain Trevino will write a Shakespearean Sonnet based on the person with the best mythical /magical creature costume!
  • Silent Auction: Bring your cash and checks to score great stuff at our silent auction. Contact Juliana Romfare at auction@dreiburgen.sca-caid.org to donate your great stuff to the auction!!
  • Youth activities: Of course we’ll have youth activities, bring your youths and prepare for them to be active!!


His Excellency and I extend our deepest gratitude, for the Anniversary that tried very hard not-to-be, and for the conclusion of the second year of our tenure. Our greatest take-away this year is that we are all greater together than each of us alone.

Look at the fantastic things we have done together over the last year! We had hilarious moments to get us through tough times, and we accomplished feats that brought people closer together. We reached out beyond our baronial borders to make events like Academia Draconis and the 5-week demo at Koroneburg happen. When the sun tried to sizzle our Corrigan's weekend, we got to experience Viking style word battles instead of armored combat, and discovered that Hurkey Creek really does have a refreshing creek after all! Great artisans answered The Baron's Riddles at Summer Arts, where we saw brilliant creativity and discovered our new baronial arts champion. Central to all of this, is you. Thank you for playing along, for finding the fun and making it happen for others. Thank you for making baronial events rich with your contributions, and thank you for supporting our kingdom by traveling outside of Dreiburgen when you can.

Thank you to Their Majesties Queen Lorissa Lora Boehm and King Wilhelm Matt Jepson, and Their Highnesses Princess Mercedes Schuessler and Prince Tryggr Aaron D Johnson for celebrating with us. As Her Majesty said, the court was long, but necessary because people needed to be recognized.

Thank you to our Anniversary stewards, Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios and Geral de Riera, and the support from Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter for handling last minute demands from the county and state. Thank you to each officer and volunteer who arrived early, stayed late, took initiative, and stayed flexible as the day progressed. Gratitude that has not yet been expressed goes out to Jessica Brodkin Webb and Jonathan Whitehart and the amazing people of Dun Tyr for sending volunteers to help with set up. Evan Diaz and Erik were on site at 7am, and we are so grateful for the ongoing support!

Thank you to our Blue Mountain Herald Anerain ap Logan James Michael Stacy for always being our voice, and the Brianne Hardwick for being support. Please join us in celebrating the following recipients of the Towers of Dreiburgen, our baronial service award. Thank you for seeing the hard work of these individuals, and writing in letters of recommendation (keep doing that!!):

and those who received an Augmentation to the Towers of Dreiburgen for continued service:

Congratulations to Sir Thurstan de Barri for being welcomed into the order of the Gesellschaft Sterren von Dreiburgen von Dreiburgen. You are truly among our stars! We celebrated the retirement of our Captain of the Guard, Lady Sancha Castellanos, and the new oath of service in that position from Thomas Alan Branch, with Lieutenant Musa Black. Similarly, Alisoun de Clairvaux retired from the position of Chief Lady, and Gwenhwyvar verch Owein (Guinevere Sande) stepped up to support us in this role! We also thanked our retiring officers Tyne MacPhersone, Hallr brjost Starsson, Tracy the Gray, and Geral de Riera. Welcome and more thanks to Geral for stepping up as Seneschal, Fiammetta as Exchequer, Hallr brjost Starsson as Chronicler, and Michael Roy Mór as Rapier Marshal. Thank you to everyone was able to play along with the costume theme. This is a favorite part of our late October Anniversary, and it's always so fun to see how the theme is interpreted through garb!

We especially enjoyed all the culinary delights available throughout the day. Geral and the Dreiburgen Culinary Guild prepared a fantastic lunch, Rayhana served Turkish Coffee in the cafe, Beatrix Honeybourne brought the relaxing atmosphere of Starbees for us all to enjoy, and Saystine Kristi A Fojtik brought the snow cone booth. Thank you to [[Julianna Romfare] for managing our auction, and to all those who contributed items or bids, we are grateful! Congratulations to our Champions of the day!

Special thanks to Liam Ulfsson for weaving this year's champion favors! Thank you to our territorial Marshals and those who stepped in to help for the day, Michael Roy Mor, Thurstan de Barri, Paganus Grimlove, and Chris Harkness Hardin. It takes so many people to make this Dream work, and we are grateful for each of you! Thank YOU! -Baron Ramvoldus Kröll and Baroness Kungund Benehonig


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