Dreiburgen Anniversary 1980

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Dreiburgen baronial shield.jpg
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Location: Dreiburgen
Perris Hill Park in San Barnardino
Date: 10/25/1980


Event Staff

Autocrat: Michel d'Artois Lists: Ascelyn Schirleah

From the Crown Prints

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To all the citizens of the Kingdom of Caid, the Barony of Dreiburgen extends a warm invitation to the Dreiburgen Anniversary Tourney, to be held on 25 October XV. The site of the tourney will be Perris Hill Park in the fair City of San Bernardino. There shall be divers contests and as is traditional, lists to determine who shall be named, "Dragonslayer of Gorgonoth."


9:00 am Pitch thy Pavillions 10:00 am Grand March and Opening Court 11:00 am Lists Open 11:15 am Field open to Challenges 12:00 (Sext) Noon meal 12:30 pm List Commence 4:00 pm Closing Court 6:30 pm Revel Hall Opens 7:00 pm Revel Begins


  • PUMPKIN CARVING: $.50 per pumpkin (sponsored by the Baron)
  • DESIGN A MASTHEAD for the DREIBURGEN NEWS: Masthead must be black ink on white paper. Mastheads should measure 8 3/4" across. (Sponsored by Lord Theodric Pendar of Faulconwood)
  • HERALDRY: There will be two prizes, one for Heralds and one for non-Heralds (Depending on number of entries). This contest will be a test of Knowledge of Society and/or real world heraldry. (Sponsored by Lord Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood)
  • BEST DISGUISE: Prize for the best, most effective disguise. (Sponsored by Angelina Nicholet).
  • COOKING WITH WINTER SQUASH: Any dish made with a winter squash (Pumpkin, Acorn, Butternut, etc.), Recipe should be included. (Sponsor Lady Brann Morgan Dunmore of Galloway).
  • CAIDAN CRESCENT FUNDRAISER: Prize for the largest monetary donation to the Caidan Crescents (Sponsored by Lord Theodric Pendar of Faulconwood)
  • PAMPER THE BARONESS: Prize to the person who best pampers the Baroness of Dreiburgen (Sponsor: The Baroness).
  • CHIVALRY TO THE LADIES: Prize to the most chivalrous gentleman, (Sponsor: Elenoré de Brus d'Artois)
  • BEST TABLE LINEN: (Sponsor Vanessa de Linn)
  • BEST SMALL'S FIELD COSTUME: Prize for the best field costume worn by a youth (Sponsors: Lord Pietro & Christine Antuono)

Throughout the day, the Caidan Crescents will be in session. Following the tourney, there shall be a dessert revel. All persons are encouraged to brings desserts to share. The Barony shall provide some beverages and desserts. For further information contact the Autocrat, Michel d'Artois.


Dreiburgen Anniversary was held on October 25, at Perris Hill Park in San Barnardino. Twenty (20) fighters fought in the lists.


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