Dreiburgen 3rd Annual Love Feast & Revel 1976

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Dreiburgen baronial shield.jpg
Location: Dreiburgen
Date: 02/07/1976

Held at the home of Baron Waldt and Baroness Alison

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

(Personal information omitted)
On Saturday, February 7, House Markheim will host the third annual Dreiburgen Love Feast and Revel. It will start around dusk and last until the hosts collapse. Bring finger food, love poetry, ribald songs and a close friend (or two if that's your style). Drinking encouraged, drunkenness not, no cigarette smoking within the house. Bring firewood, too. Crash space available by calling Markheim in advance (that's Thursday or Friday night). (Written directions provided)


The Barony of Dreiburgen had an annual Love Feast while it was still the Angels Canton of Gorgonoth beginning in 1973. It was generally held in February at the home of the future Baron and Baroness of Dreiburgen, Waldt and Alison. It was considered an event of "playful dalliance" or as Master Raoul the Urbane called it, "foolishness, fun and folderol." There was both a strong bardic element inspired by Medieval Courtly Love poetry, and foods which were, in period, said to have aphrodisiac qualities (things like pomegranates if they could be found, and chickpeas).



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