Darkwell War 2006

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Darkwell War 2006
Location: Dun Or
Totem Pole Ranch in Palmdale
Date: 07/28 – 30/2006

Event Staff

Event Stewards:

From the Crown Prints

Darkwell War XVIII
Barony of Dun Or

July 28 – 30, 2006

New Site!
CRUSADE! Richard the Lion Heart and the warriors of the 3rd Crusade muster outside the gates of freshly recaptured Acre and prepare to move on Jerusalem. Saladin positions the armies of Mohammed to defend his newly won prize. Whose side will you rally to?

The invites you and yours to gather at Darkwell War during mid-summer atop the golden rolling hills of Tehachapi. Come join us in a celebration to credit the reign of good King Wenceslaus, St Stephen of Hungary (Bohemia), who vastly expanded the perimeters of safety and prosperity for his people and ultimately the civilized world. Participate in activities that reflect his cause for a safe and just country.

Schedule for the Event:

Site Restrictions: No small pets (dogs or cats). Equestrian activities are TBD. Fire Restriction: Propane burners, torches and charcoal only; no open wood flames or tikis.


  • Noon – Site opens
  • Dusk – Torch light bear-pit (under the lights)


  • 7:00 am – Troll Opens
  • 8:00 am – Marshal's Point Opens
    • Opening Court and Announcements (brief)
  • 9:00 am to Noon – Armored & Rapier Melees
  • 10:00 am – Archery Field Opens / Archery Championship
  • 10:00 am to Noon – Youth Combat Tourney
  • Noon to 1:30 pm – Baronial Luncheon sponsored by Dun Or
    • Dun Or Bardic Championship
  • 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm – A&S Open, Youth Activities Challenge
  • 5:00 pm – Court/Gate
  • Dusk – BYOB Bardic and BBQ
  • Midnight – Quiet hours in upper encampments


  • 10:00 am – Dun Or Raffle
  • 3:00 pm – Site closes

For your comfort, we are setting up misting stations at strategic locations around the site.
Also the Littlerock Reservoir is only 1 mile south of the site. The Barony of Dun Or cordially invites you to join us for our "BYOB, Bardic and Belly (as in dancers)" BBQ on Saturday evening. Bring your favorite grill item, we will provide the charcoal.
Coffee drinkers, we will be hosting a Coffee Bar on both Saturday and Sunday.
Do you need ice? There will be a Baronial Fire and Ice booth selling ice for a nominal fee.
Once again, we issue a challenge to all the groups in Caid to host or co-host one hour of youth activities on Saturday afternoon. Teach a class, tell a story or play game. The choice is yours. Contact John James MacCrimmon to schedule when. To raise funds for Youth Combat equipment in Dun Or, we will be conducting a raffle on Sunday morning.


  • Leave your memories here.


Add photos if we have them

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