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Compendium Caidis is the Wiki webpage for the Kingdom of Caid in the Society for Creative Anachronism.


The Caid Wiki was first envisioned by Kolfinna kottr somewhere in the 2007 (possibly even 2006) after viewing the great SCA Wiki, MiddleWiki and AnTir Wiki but the initial request was denied. There was a thread on the Caid list on 4/5/2008 which resulted in renewed interest in the wiki. Kolfinna again took the proposal to the Caid Webwright (Matheus Reyner). She was given approval and the first test wiki was made. She quickly brought on Lorenz Wieland who knew the technical setup issues encountered in wikis, and the both of them setup the inital wiki on the server.

Many names were considered for use, but Compendium Caidis (suggested by Cormac Mór) was selected by the editors as the final name for the site. The names considered for the site included: Caidopedia, Compendium Caidis, Caidis Historia, WiCaidPedia, Caidipedia.

On 6/6/2008 the Caid wiki was officially launched to the Caidan populace and the world.

In the beginning, the webwright had concerns over user control, so all pages were locked down to a small group of editors (about 10). People could submit information to the "talk" pages or by email and the editors would add it. It quickly became evident that this required too much micromanaging, so Kolfinna made a official request to open the wiki to all people, however all user accounts would be validated so we knew which person in the SCA it belonged to. The request was approved by the webwright, and the wiki gained many more contributions and users.

In 2010, the Kingdom Webwright, Gregor MacDonald, developed two electronic forms on the Caid Website to make it easier for Caidans to submit information to the wiki. The Persona Submission Form allowed users to submit information about their SCA persona for publication. The Media Submission Form made it fairly easy for Caidans to submit photos and artwork with electronic releases attached.

In 2013, management of the website was transferred to the WikiCaid Foundation, a non-profit organization separate from the SCA, Inc.

In April 2017, the wiki moved to a new webspace,

  • In June of 2009 the Compendium Caidis broke 10,000 pages
  • In May of 2010 the Compendium Caidis exceeded 1.5 million page views

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